Restaurant Repair Services

Full-Service Maintenance

Our technicians are all highly trained and certified. We continue to educate all our employees taking new classes on equipment released each year. Our service technicians are knowledgeable and throughout and have all the resources to reach out to for technical support. Our employees are like family and we treat our customers the same way. No job is too small, we are here.

commercial kitchen applicances

Commercial Appliance Repair

If it’s in the kitchen, we can repair it.

We offer commercial repair, maintenance, and installation for all your commercial restaurant equipment.

We service all major and small brands. We are warranty providers for a majority of companies. We are members of CFESA (Commercial Food Equipment Service Association). We send our technicians on training events to keep them in the top knowledge for new equipment.

The second our technicians walk through your doors they will start working on diagnosing your problems quickly and efficiently. We will then give you a thorough walk through of what we found with an honest and efficient plan to repair the problem. We try to keep a wide variety of commonly used parts in each technician’s van and located in our shop.

We will always give you a quote for work we are doing so you are never blindsided with an invoice. Upon completion of your call we will always check for proper operation, gas pressures, and temperatures.

Preventative Maintenance

Taking care of your equipment is the best way to stretch the large investment of restaurant equipment.

We offer a preventative maintenance plan that caters to each of our customers. Have your equipment regularly maintained saves money in the long run by keeping your equipment running like new. Call us today to set up your preventative maintenance schedule. We offer a repair discount to our customers who have contracts with us.

Commercial Hot Side Equipment Maintenance — calibrating, cleaning, gaskets, temperatures, thermocouples and thermopiles operating correctly

HVAC Maintenance — Filters, Belts, Coli cleaning, check for proper operation

Refrigeration Maintenance — temperatures, evaporators, gaskets, coil cleaning, contractors

HVAC Repair and Installation

HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning)

Keeping your customers cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a top priority.

We service all brands of HVAC units. Our service technicians are trained and certified to repair, maintain, and install HVAC Units.  We also service make up air units and exhaust systems to keep your building balanced. This is important to keep the extreme temperature days under control and out of your location.

Refrigeration Repair and Installation

Ensure food quality and safety with regular refrigeration maintenance

We service all refrigeration from the little reach in coolers to giant rack refrigeration systems. We have been trained on all refrigerants to keep proper food safety temperatures. All our techs are skilled refrigeration technicians who have gone through school and have been certified. Keeping proper refrigeration temperature is critical for food safety.