New Customer Agreement

We are so pleased you have chosen Reed Restaurant Repair, INC as your service provider for your equipment. We take great pride in providing the best, highest quality repair, maintenance or installation for our customers.

Our office can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 303-954-9537. Once an established customer we always prioritize your calls and get to you as quick as possible. Signing up for a preventative maintenance program also gets us familiar with your stores and equipment making our service quicker and more efficient. We also give a discount on our hourly rates if you use Reed Restaurant Repair as your priority vendor and start a preventative maintenance program with our company.

As a first-time customer we require a Credit Card number to be kept on file. We do have a minimum of 1.5 hr. and a trip charge per service call to your locations. If we stay longer than the 1.5 hour minimum time will be charged per hour thereafter on our normal rates.

Our technicians will always get a signature from you at the completion of work and give you a complete update on the equipment that was worked on. At that time your credit card will be run. After your first service call, we can change your account to a NET 30 if you wish. We also then must keep your credit card number on file, if your account has an invoice that hits the NET30 unpaid we will charge the credit card on file. If the credit card declines, we reserve the right to go back into the location and remove any parts we may have installed. We also will have to send any invoices to collections if the account is not resolved within 60 days of services, all fees accrued from this process will be added to the amount owed.

We know this will be a positive relationship. I am always willing to personally answer any questions you have about your service. We look forward to doing business with you! Please call with any questions.


Greg Reed, owner
Reed Restaurant Repair, INC

Please submit the form below prior to your first service. You will receive a copy via email.

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